Seasonal Sites

Palliser Regional Park offers camp sites that can be rented for the entire camping season.


Unfortunately for potential patrons, these sites are in extremely high demand; park administrators maintain a waiting list and may be able to offer information on availability.


Please contact the park office for more information.

Seasonal Site Policy Information
The following documentation was provided to all seasonal site permit holders via e-mail in late January/early February 2023. It details the new camping policy, as well as information on applying for a seasonal site or to the waiting list.
Policy #3 - SEASONAL SITES.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 251.0 KB

Seasonal Site Regulations

The regulations applicable to Palliser Regional Park have been updated.  If you currently have or are planning to apply for a seasonal site, please familiarize yourself with and plan to abide by these rules to make the season enjoyable for all.