Rules and Regulations

Check back regularly for updated Rules and Regulations.


Bylaw 001-2022: The General Bylaw
A BYLAW of the Palliser Regional Park Authority, in the Province of Saskatchewan, to provide for the health, protection, safety and general welfare of persons and property within the park.
ByLaw No. 001-2022 The General Bylaw.pdf
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Bylaw 002-2015: Nuisance Abatement
A BYLAW of the Palliser Regional Park Authority, in the Province of Saskatchewan, to provide the abatement of nuisances within Palliser Regional Park.
Bylaw 002-2015 - Nuisance Abatement.pdf
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Bylaw 003-2015: The Building Bylaw
A BYLAW of the Palliser Regional Park Authority, in the Province of Saskatchewan, to provide regulations to matters relating to constructing, erectiing, placing, altering, repairing, renovating or reconstructing a building.
Bylaw 003-2015 - Buildings.pdf
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Bylaw 003-2015 Form A: Permit Application Form
The application form to be submitted to the Park office for review and approval to comply with Bylaw 003-2015
Bylaw 003-2015 Permit Application Form.p
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Bylaw 003-2015: Construction Inspection Application Form
The relevant sections of this form are to be completed and submitted when completing a Permit Application Form. This will trigger requisite inspections and approvals of the construction both before, during and when the build process is finished. If you have questions, contact the Park Office.
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Permanent Trailer Regulations - 2015
This PDF document contains the rules and regulations that apply to permanent trailers for the 2015 camping season.
Permanent Trailer Regulations - 2015.pdf
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Seasonal Site Policy - 2022
This PDF document contains the rules and regulations that apply to seasonal sites for the camping season defined in the policy. This document also contains the application form for a seasonal site.
Policy #3 - SEASONAL SITES.pdf
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Alcohol Ban - Victoria Day Weekend

Given issues in previous years in all parks in Saskatchewan, the PRP Board Authority has taken the decision to ban alcohol in the park on Victoria Day weekend.


This is now enforced by an order from the Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport.

Victoria Day Alcohol Ban Order
The signed Minister's Order banning alcohol in parks across Saskatchewan, including Palliser Regional Park.
2014 Victoria Day Parks Alcohol Ban.pdf
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Palliser Regional Park no longer has a Waste Disposal Ground. 


The large red bins that have been in the Park for the past several years are for bagged household garbage only. This waste is then hauled to Swift Current.


Items such as lumber, old chairs and BBQs, renovation materials, leaves, grass clippings, etc. are prohibited!!


If you need to dispose of these types of items the Riverhurst landfill can be used.

Simply make an appointment with the Village Office to arrange. Please note that there are user fees associated with use of this landfill that you will be responsible to pay. 


If these rules are not followed, the park has to pay substantially more to have the bins emptied and the refuse hauled to Swift Current.  Unfortunately, these extra costs will have to be passed on to ALL park patrons through various increases and cost recovery fees.  


It is for this reason that we ask that you please do your best to remove any waste that you produce.


To help alleviate the pressure on the bins, two disposal sites are available to patrons - one for leaves, and one for tree branches.

  • Leaves can be taken to the leaf disposal ground. This area is for leaves only.  No tree branches please. 
  • Tree branches can be taken to the disposal ground known as the Boy Scout Dump.  Only tree branches here please!

 If you don't know where either of these locations are please contact the office for directions.

Pet Policy

Well mannered pets are welcome. Pets must be leashed or crated at all times. A maximum of two pets allowed per site. Pet owners must clean up after their pets immediately. In consideration of other guests, excessive barking or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and you may be required to vacate.