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Potable and Irrigation Water

In an attempt to avoid a repeat of the freeze-ups during blowout last year and the frozen lines this spring, the park had indicated that potable water would be shut off on Friday, September 25, 2020.


Based on the feedback received, this date has been reconsidered. It has been decided that from this point forward, potable water will be shut off on September 30th, and irrigation water will be shut off on October 1st every year.  This will allow park maintenance time to depressurize and blow out the water lines before the freeze up during average years.


As always, the weather plays a factor in the dates.  If we have a cold fall like we did in 2019, these dates may need to be earlier, but the park will strive to ensure that the shut off dates stay as consistent as possible from this year forward to allow patrons time to plan their own winterizations.


To reiterate, the following dates will be every year regardless of the day of the week they fall on from 2020 onward:

  • 30 September: Potable water off 
  • 01 October: Irrigation water off

We thank you for your comments, and your attention to this matter.  We appreciate your input, and apologize for any inconvenience the changing dates may have caused.

Marina Slips

Please have your watercraft removed from seasonal slips no later than September 30th in order to allow Park Maintenance time to ready the docks for freeze-up.


Palliser Regional Park thanks you in advance for your cooperation.

Golf cart rules

Effective July 2019, please be advised that no person shall operate a golf cart on the public roadways in Palliser Regional Park unless:

  • that person holds a valid driver’s licence
  • the golf cart has been registered at the Park Office
  • the requisite golf cart registration fee has been paid for that season
  • the registration sticker issued is affixed in a visible location on the golf cart

All personal and public liability will be the responsibility of the owner/operator of said golf cart.


For more information please contact the park office.

New Bylaws Posted

Three new / amended Bylaws have been posted to the Rules and Regulations page, governing the general park rules, nuisance abatement, and buildings.  


Please review them at your convenience, especially if you are planning any construction and/or renovation projects this season, as a permit is required whenever work regulated by the Act or Regulations is to be undertaken within the park, and permit applications take some time to review and process.


If you have questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Park Office.

New Docks

Palliser Park is replacing the docks and fingers on the launch area at the marina in a project that will run over the next several years.  Docks are being manufactured at Marine Master in Saskatoon. After much research, the park authority found Marine Master to be the best choice.  These docks will be aluminum with cedar tops.  


Before docking your boat for the season, please check with the park office or the marina supervisor to ensure dock replacement will not be temporarily affecting your slip's availability.